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Dog Walking / Dog Training Walk Service - Monday to Friday

Group Dog Walking

Here at Merry Dogs we offer a dog walking service. Dogs need physical stimulation as much as mental, they need to be kept fit and healthy so they are less likely to do anything naughty! Any breed of dog is welcome. Your dog will be walked in the wonderful Kent countryside for approximately an hour and, if instructed by you your dog will be allowed off or on lead, or we can provide a long line if you are unsure but still want them to have a bit of free rein.

Our service area is around Whitstable and Canterbury, however, we may be able to offer a wider service depending on where you live, please phone to check that your area is covered by us.

Why is Walking Your Dog so Important?

Health Benefit:

Dogs are much like ourselves in that they require physical exercise to keep themselves physically fit, this can lead to an increased life span and even ward off health issues. An hour a day can improve your dogs health and well being.

Social & Mental Stimulation:

Whilst on walks your dog may meet other dogs, this is a great way of socialising your dog, even from an early age, so that they do not grow up with a fear of other dogs. Walking also means your dog is mentally stimulated as they will be experiencing using their fantastic senses to engage with the outside world.

For Your Peace of Mind:

We all have busy lives to lead, be it work or something else. Getting someone to walk your dog should alleviate the worry and guilt that you may feel from not being with your dog throughout the whole day. Dogs should not be left for long periods in a day, and if you know that for some of that time your dog has had the chance of getting out of the house to do their business and exercise then you may feel you no longer need to rush back home. You should know that you are doing all that you can for your dog, that they have had a good day and are happy.


You will be able to get back some time for yourself and your family. We all have to put time aside to walk the dog, but if you had a structured walking schedule then it will be one less thing to worry about.

Training Walk

We also offer a training walk which is where your dog will get the benefit of a walk, but also learning manners i.e. heel, sit etc. This service is normally for an individual dog or maybe for more than one dog in the same household.

What's included:

Learning general manners, social behaviour (where possible), walking to heel, recall, stopping jumping up, and if required retrieving work. If your require more behaviours from your dog this will be added into your training program.

Reece will explain the process and show you how to get similar results on your own. Reece will spend the time with your dog to get the very best out of them. He will be patient, and have the time required which is required to train dogs to a high standard. He will use a clicker (where appropriate), and if you are already part of our 1 to 1 service then he will transfer what the dog has learnt from those lessons. This means that you will know your dog is getting the exact training required, and he will also incorporate the exercise aspect.

Please contact us for more details.

Key Points

  • DBS Checked
  • Keeping Your Dog Safe
  • Piece of Mind
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Insured
  • Competitive Prices

Price List

Dog Walking Service: £10 for an hour.
Dog Walking & Training Service: £30 for an hour.

Merry Dogs Training

Does your dog have behavioural problems?

Merry Dogs provides a 1 to 1 training session with you and your dog in your home where your dog is comfortable, then building on each session going at a pace to suit you and your dog. Reece will show you how to use positive reinforcement, adapting the training around the individual dog to achieve the desired behaviour and will help you to understand the cause of unwanted behaviours and show you how to resolve any issues. To find out more please use our contact form or call or email us. Contact details are below.

I would like to thank Reece for a very useful training session. Our dog Huey was really responsive to the things that we were shown and Reece has a real calming manner, which is a major factor in the training. Thank you Dave Linda & Huey.

Dave Liddle, Whitstable